Wednesday, 6 February 2013

LE GUN Artwork for Shoreditch Estate Office

LE GUN have done some giant posters of the phantasmagorical creative superhighway known as Shoreditch. The group drawings are an ad campaign for the property company The Estate Office, who rent out studios and other spaces in the area. Many famous Hoxditch-ites are featured, amongst them such local luminaries as the Krays, Gilbert and George, heavy metal Jewellery designer Duffy, music Svengali Sean McClusky and scat man Gavin Bennett. Thanks to the creative agency HamiltonPyne who collaborated with us. The billboards are up around Shoreditch until further notice. Otherwise you can also see the full pictures here - and here's some action shots of us (Bianchi, Bragg, Fox, myself, & Rubbish) drawing them.