Thursday, 18 September 2008

our stint in prison

...starting tomorow... private view on monday, see below:

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Here's some pictures (at last!) of the LE GUN - The Family exhibition at the Rochelle School. Thanks to Michele Panzeri, photographer extraordinaire ...

entrance area... featuring the work of many Le Gun contributors

and of course a giant cat

more salon walls... featuring more work

vista of some of our gigantic canvases (we did 4 of them, 30m in total)

a 10m stretch (the family leaving LeGundon and crossing the sea)

another 10m stretch - the interzone

the Cardboard Room, brainchild of Bill Bragg, assembled with the help of a bunch of Chelsea students on summer break. They did a sterling job with the construction following Bill's plans, we then painted everything. (The sofas, arm chairs and piano stool were fully functional btw!)

my personal pride & joy - the grand piano, aptly named 'Schlampenpupsen' (Whore's Fart)

Inside the piano - an elegantly wasted lady surrounded by various musical demons (Tobi Tak & J M F Casey helped me paint those)

some FAQs - 
  • how many people did the giant canvases? Mainly Bianchi, Fox, Greene, and myself, and Bragg. Also as usual lots of friends and contributors dropped by and painted the odd thing...
  • how long did they take? all told probably something like 4 weeks. We did them on and off over a number of months.
  • Is the cardboard room really all cardboard? yes, no furniture inside a cardboard shell or anything, all 100% sturdy cardboard (well with the odd bolt to secure the inside of  the sofas & chairs etc)
  • How long did it take? a week to build, thanks to the help of a 7-strong team of super-efficient students.
  • what happened to the furniture after the exhibition? In storage at Le Gun HQ. I'm using the armchair I painted as my studio desk chair, yes it really is that comfortable...

  • Wednesday, 3 September 2008

    John M F Casey – Swindler of the Abyss

    this young man makes some beautiful images, and will have a show at nog on brick lane starting September 14.
    I initially got to know him through some obscure channels and had a postcard of his on my desk for a while - the image incidentally is now a spread in LE GUN 4 - and then got to know him properly when he helped tremendously in putting up the 'The Family' show. Go and check out his handywork -

    his myspace is
    14 September – 8 October 2008
    Nog Gallery, 182 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA, +44 (0)2077394134
    Opening on Sunday 14 September 2008, 6 – 9 pm