Saturday, 26 July 2008


as mentioned in an earlier post, when we painted the cargo murals they time-lapse filmed our progress on the dj booth bit, and this is the result. for the rest of the murals see below somewhere... in action: bianchi, bragg, fox, frost, greene, rendel & myself.

(i should probably add that cargo shot this and added the music - had we had anything to do with the soundtrack it would have been a weird hybrid of/a fight between obscure world music, energetic jazz, power ballads, punk rock, Hawkwind, and italo disco...)

Monday, 21 July 2008


check out Hiroshi modelling this sexy new T-shirt - a limited edition of 100 produced by LE GUN in collaboration with Duffer of St George. The shirts are of excellent quality, go with everything and somehow seem to attract a lot of attention - whenever I wear mine people demand what it is and where it came from, a common reaction apparently according to fellow wearers (even on the streets of New York).

The t-shirts will be available for £25 pounds at the LE GUN exhibition and on the website from August 27th. Email this address to pre-order your shirt from the shop.

If you hate the shirt but want to know more about Hiroshi, he's a fellow illustrator and fellow fan of italo disco, an enthusiastic DJ, and joint winner of a recent Tom-Cruise-Off between him, Bill Bragg and myself.


Issue #4 of the narrative art annual LE GUN will be distributed worldwide from September 2008. The launch will coincide with an exhibition and temporary arts club taking place at the Rochelle School in Arnold Circus, Shoreditch titled LE GUN ‘The Family’

In the exhibition, the warped collective imagination of LE GUN presents a dysfunctional family of many generations, including a man with a crab on his head, the leopard walking heiress Marchesa Casati, and the original fat boy actor Joe Cobb. Raised on the the streets of parallel metropolis Legundon, an eccentrically Anglo-Saxon place of loose women, gin and cream cakes, and Francis Bacon’s butchers shop, they are an unusual dynasty. LE GUN’s gigantic black and white ink drawings record the families journey from their home cities murky streets and dens of vice, across a wild unchartered ocean to an outlandish Interzone of mind bending intoxicants and bordellos, and the jungle funeral of unloved street urchin Caliper Boy.

Private View and Launch Party at the Rochelle School 
Wednesday 27 August from 5pm

Extended launch party at Cargo till late.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

in the meantime... magazine Susology published six drawings by LE GUN artistes in their new/current issue, the theme was 'collaboration'. We drew some exquisite corpses, the originals are on display at the Trolley Gallery (Life Beyond Death, there's a post about it below somewhere).

Spread1: Emma Rendel, myself. Spread 2: Chris Bianchi, Robert Greene. Spread 3: Leigh Fox, Neal Fox.
Thanks to Rob Rubbish for the pics.


the view from a big rock on one of my favourite Maltese beaches, photographed yesterday. I'm here for a month this time, technology allowing me to take heaps of work with me, but somehow a book in a shady garden, lazy afternoon naps, playing with crabs and sea urchins, and the Mediterranean cuisine seem infinitely more appealing than melting in a room with hand-sweat smudging your lines, and your drawing paper flying from the fan... oh well back to work...

new international shorts

Kinemastik invited Chris Bianchi and myself to their 4th International Film Festival in early July. Although we've been involved with a good few Kinemastik activities before (Chris being responsible for most of their artwork with me throwing in the odd poster, flyer, T-shirt, and bit of graphic design) we'd somehow always managed to miss the actual festival, so this year was a first.
This time they'd put on a whole week of events - exhibitions, film screenings, talks and workshops, with a weekend of international short films and parties to finish it off. The result was entertaining, thought-provoking, and some heavy drinking.
Here's Bianchi's poster for the festival (I graphic-designed the program on the back):


this is a small sample from 'In the Shadow of the Pineapple', a graphic story I wrote & drew for Australian fiction quarterly Torpedo. It spans 18 pages and is sort of a murder mystery love story. I'm making a small bound edition of it which will be for sale at the LE GUN 'The Family' exhibition in September - I believe the relevant issue of Torpedo will be available in September too.