Thursday, 8 May 2008

shh! top secret

here's a sneak preview of our current job in progress, to be officially unveiled next week...

Monday, 5 May 2008

Thursday, 1 May 2008

something new

we're currently in the process of working on a pretty hefty (yet fun) job that needs to be done by next wednesday, so I'd rather say no more until then... but here's a little peek:

more walls

another mural-for-money, this time at cargo (the nightclub). This took 1 1/2 days, inside, and there's 2 parts to it (the other part I don't have a picture of yet but Cargo made a time-lapse film of its creation which should be up to view somewhere soon).

Painted by artists from LE GUN: Bianchi, Bragg, Fox, Frost (of heretic), Greene, Rendel and myself.

corporate job

This mural-for-money was painstakingly painted over 7 whole days by 6 of us 'artists from LE GUN' for metro newspapers. It covers a wall 19m wide x 3m high and is completely exposed to the elements, which made this year's april showers/hail storms/occasional ray of sunshine particularly memorable (our hands were repeatedly frozen into brush-holding shapes)...

Painted by artists from LE GUN: Bianchi, Bragg, Fox, Frost (of heretic), Greene, and myself.

back pages

a first outing in the Guardian's weekend magazine - it's a bad photo but you get the idea. the article is about adultery.


did a little 3 week stint of teaching at Norwich School of Art & Design where the 2nd year Illustration were doing a map project. I enjoyed it and I think learned quite a lot, although I was surprised that some of the students didn't seem incredibly keen on making the thing their own by drawing and exploring very much. I always found that the joy of drawing lies in the fact that in your drawings you're God and 'you can chop your own arm off', as Bianchi once famously put it, and especially in students any polite restraint seems unnecessary if not counterproductive somehow. (But of course I only vaguely remember the happy, stressful confusion that can be student life.)

what's new

I've added nothing to this or any other online environment for a very long time, leaving my 'online persona' stagnant (god forbid!), so I've decided to go with the times and update a little bit...