Thursday, 21 August 2008

Mothers In Law

Faber have just sent me this hot off the press, to be released on 16th October - here's the cover (it also has 50 inside illustrations)... Apart from two minor mistakes that no-one else will probably notice I'm very pleased. Loving the electric violet...

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

exhibition alert! 27th august

wow what a show it'll be! LE GUN issue 4 will be launched. other features: a display of gigantic ink drawings detailing the progress of 'The Family' from LeGundon via various depraved locations all the way to a jungle funeral. a life size-cardboard room. embalming fluid cocktails. Caliper Boy's death march. a salon d'artistes. a shop stocking all sorts of delights. and if previous after parties are anything to go by I'm slightly scared of this one already... come!

exhibition alert! 21 august

this week - the mysterious mystery spot exhibition. apart from rob rubbish and anna mcclelland i have never met any of them and no idea who they are (except for a vague knowledge of ceri amphlett/craig atkinson/daryl waller's work) so i'm still mystified, but then maybe that's the point, who knows... swing by:

Sunday, 10 August 2008

quality x3

this is totally irrelevant, but I couldn't resist: here is a picture of my sister with DJ Vadim, who is trying his first ever 'hanuta' hazelnut chocolate wafer snack... (all three are firm favourites of mine)