Sunday, 27 January 2008

Friday, 25 January 2008

tattoo anniversary!

sirruf 's tattoo was exactly one year old yesterday, so he took this happy photo of it... (I still haven't seen it 'in the flesh' quite literally as he lives en Suisse, I live à Londres, and the original drawing was transmitted via electric mail. A second one is in the pipeline.)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

fat and tiny


...was a prince, I found out yesterday. Somehow I always had him down as a lady...

sex sex sex

visited the 'sex through the ages' exhibition at the barbican yesterday - a great selection of erotic sculpture, painting, film & photography from antiquity till today, and featuring the great and the good: rodin, warhol, araki, turner, louise bourgeois, hokusai, marlene dumas, bacon, koons, mapplethorpe, picasso, thomas ruff, tracy emin, rembrandt, etc etc etc.

the sex is graphic & the variety breathtaking (explicit ancient murals, an 18th century Arabic manuscript illustrating 10 men having group sex, a photo of a transsexual with a leek up her behind, gorgeous etchings of gods indulging, ...) and the exhibition does make you wonder why we never get to see much sexual imagery of such quality, why there still is such a taboo about sex when at the same time we're flooded with boring, warped and ugly porny images.
I also enjoyed how the show illustrates that the concept of erotica existing purely for the delectation of a heterosexual male audience seems to have been a western/christian idea, and once you move away from western/christian societies you find pornography made to be enjoyed by everyone. (which in my opinion is much more logical and should be common practice everywhere...)

If you go, I recommend you take along your lover - mine was away so I went with friends, but I must say I was glad I wasn't there alone as we went during the day and the place was mainly populated by late-middle-aged men studying the art closely and breathing heavily.

Carracci etchings
Warhol's Blowjob vs. k r buxey's Requiem
japanese pop-up shunga woodcuts
an antique photo of two dressed men in the bathhouse in the most elaborate frame-book (gold, glass, velvet, everything)
that nan goldin slideshow portraying couples in love in everyday (including sexual) situations - I'd seen the piece at her solo show at the whitechapel a couple of years ago and the photos were still beautiful and very moving, while the specially created björk soundtrack was even more irritating than I remembered.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

masque of the red death

finished a big mural in the café at Battersea Arts Centre in collaboration with 2/3 of Strangeworks. In return we received free tickets to Punchdrunk's Masque of the Red Death, a Poe fan's wet dream - absolutely beautiful. Will post pics of mural when I get them... (pic above is totally unrelated)

lie-ins & tigers have mounted an exhibition at the Coningsby gallery! I managed to miss the private view (had just finished & sent off a bunch of roughs for a book and lounged at home) but I hear the show is brilliant...

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

let's get this party started...

I'm brand new to this blogging business, so here's a celebratory picture!