Friday, 28 November 2008


this time The Drawing Room has become slightly more glam as we've been invited by the excellent Josh to drink'n'draw at this fabulous night - just dress to impress (see dress code) and bring your drawing supplies. Yes it's on a saturday evening, but the good news is you'll be brilliantly attired for the rest of saturday night, flatteringly flushed with excitement and slight inebriation, plus those ink stains and paint smudges will make you look mysterious and interesting and attract handsome strangers like flies to cream cakes.

BTW - although billed as "stoke newington airport" the Drawing Room still is a georgiaJ/stephvr production.

(dress code small print says: Fez's, white tuxedos, bow ties, patent leather shoes, MuMus, Daishikis, zig zags, sequins, Dutch batiks, Cossak pants, fedoras, boleros, turkish slippers, ballet shoes, bangles, beads, smoking jackets, wedge espadrilles, satin playsuits, silk pyjamas, or your own effortless style as long as it's très chic!)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Opium Magazine

page (left) in issue 7 of opium magazine, part of the McSweeney stable - image on the right is by Art Spiegelman

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

sweet charity! 3rd december

PoCom at the ICA

Bill Bragg organised this year's 'PoCom' (potential comics) at comICA, the annual comic extravaganza at the Institute of Contemporary Art. He wrote a complete graphic story, then handed single panels of it to a whole variety of graphic artists who spun their own stories using the panels as staring points. You can admire the web of stories in a long corridor at the ICA till November 26 - it makes for fascinating reading and the bar is at the end of it!

artists involved: Bill Bragg, Hiroshi Kariya, Emma Rendel and Matt, Russell Weekes, Walter Newton, Tobi Tak, Becky Barnicoat, Les Coleman, Chris Bianchi, Matilda Tristram, Mark Ciavola, Neal Fox, Rachel Gannon, Fumie Kamijo, Chloe Regan, Mireille Fauchon, Astrid Chesney, Tom Idon'tactuallyknowhislastname, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, (at least) two other people whose name I unfortunately don't recall at all, and myself... here's two of my panels

Drawing islands at Parasol Unit on 30 Oct

LE GUN did a night of drawing at Parasol Unit, as part of Charles Avery's exhibition 'The Islanders'. He has created his own imaginary island, a strange hybrid of Scotland and Egypt, and made drawings and sculptures of its inhabitants. We had a go at drawing our own island next door. Members of the great unwashed came and joined in with the drawing to a soundtrack of sea shanties, whale music and Chris Rea.

(Luc Barbute in action!)

studio shuffle

Harry Malt was the latest addition to our studio after Hiroshi Kariya moved on to new pastures (just up the road) to pursue a carreer in large paintings. Harry is captain of Bare Bones as well as a prolific thinker-drawer who outputs (often hilarious) verbal/visual delights. This is how he treats the place.