Tuesday, 24 June 2008

studio fun!

yes, it's this coming weekend. possibly also featuring pink gin floats.

Don't stop me now

- the body beyond death – GROUP SHOW, May 29 – Jul 05, 2008

Trolley Gallery is pleased to present a group show examining the human body beyond death. The artists chosen here work with diverse interpretations of the physical, the spiritual, the artefact, and the ritual.


Work included coffin drawings by Bianchi, L.Fox, N.Fox, Greene, Rendel, and myself, as well as a 3D coffin hand crafted by Bianchi & Bragg which created quite a stir and was reported in The Guardian.

"Hardly any risks are acceptable these days. We shield ourselves from peril. That's just sensible. But whatever happened to buyer beware? At the Trolley Gallery in the East End of London, artists have come together for the show Don't stop me now - the body beyond death, among them the renowned collective LE GUN. Their installation Died Happy consists of a boxed clay figure in a hole in the floor, and there is no doubt that he indeed died happy. A protrusion rising to floor level is testament to that. All was well until one woman stood on this proof of his happiness. It snapped and she was banned, but she exacted her revenge. "We got a visit from Tower Hamlets health and safety," explains director Gigi Giannuzzi. "Apparently someone had reported our exhibit as a danger to society! No prizes for guessing who." The sculpture endures but it is surrounded by a fence and hazard tape. Itself a comment on modern life, you might think."

here is the offending article (you might remember him from the Shoe Shop of Curiosities):

LE GUN at D&AD awards on 26 May, 2008

D&AD and Studio 8 Design asked us to do up the Royal Festival for the D&AD Awards 2008.
We designed many hundreds of life size cardboard cutouts which were then wrecked and stolen at the end of the night by drunken advertising executives. Many of them can now be seen through the windows of tastefully lit loft apartments and at cocaine parties throughout Hoxton.

Party pics here on Flickr and more installation shots here - you just need to go past all the admen in black suits...

(drawings by Bianchi, Bragg, Fox, Greene, and myself)