Sunday, 14 December 2008

Austin Underground Film

Here's a little poster I did for the Austin Underground Film Festival. The program sounds really good so check it out should you find yourself in the Texan vicinity!

nine ladies dancing

this was my contribution to studio 8's charity christmas exhibition and sale on december 3rd. Each poster was a line from the twelve days of christmas, and I'd picked "nine ladies dancing".
For the whole 12 days - some of the posters are still up for grabs, as are Christmas card sets of all 12 - look here, and definitely check out the excellent (left to right) Chris Bianchi's "ten lords a-leaping", Bill Bragg's "eleven pipers piping" and Robert Greene's "twelve drummers drumming" (we'd picked these randomly and only realised on the night they'd obviously all be next to each other).

more BBC fun

haven't updated anything in ages - been very busy and then ill... This was up on the BBC website in early december and still up on the iplayer now.